Lineage Masters:
Grandmaster WILLIAM C.C.CHEN
in Chinese Internal Martial Arts: Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing-I Chuan, Traditional Chinese Qigong and Tui Shou/San Shou in San Francisco, Marin, San Mateo & Santa Clara Counties. A formal APPRENTICESHIP program is available for qualified students.
Online INTERACTIVE CLASSES are now taking application.

Internal Martial Arts

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  EVENTS (view):   Intro Qigong/Tai Chi M & Th: 5:30PM: QI Dojo VII - Gilroy:
KUNG FU for Kids & Parents : M & F 4-5 pm.


is my Yang Tai Chi Chuan ( Taijiquan ) Lineage Master and Teacher. In the picture at left (from some time ago) he demonstrates an application of a Tai Chi Chuan technique on me.

A World-famous fighter and teacher in his own right, Grandmaster Chen is one of the most Universally respected and reveered Tai Chi Chuan Masters in the World. He is the last remaining "Disciple" of his Sifu, Cheng Man Ching

William C.C. Chen was the "houseboy" and Apprentice to legendary Tai Chi Chuan ( Taijiquan )Master, Professor Cheng Man Ching (pictured at left), from the age of 17 until leaving China in his late twenties. After winning 2nd place in the infrequently held World Championship full contact martial arts competitions, held that year in Taiwan, Chen left to begin his long teaching career -- first in Singapore, then later Hawaii, San Francisco and then New York City where he continues to teach.

Professor Cheng Man-Ching was the Master most responsible for introducing Tai Chi Chuan to the West. His shortened version of the Yang family style form has come to be practiced by millions of people worldwide.

Cheng Man Ching learned the deeper secrets of Tai Chi Chuan from Yang Chen Fu (pictured at left), the founder of the slow motion style of Yang Tai Chi most commonly practiced today. As a young physician, Cheng Man Ching had been called to the house of Yang Chen Fu to treat his ailing wife. Professor Cheng saved the life of Yang Chen Fu's wife, and out of gratitude Master Yang agreed to impart the secrets of his art to Professor Cheng and accept him as an "Inside Student".

Yang Chen-Fu was the Grandson of Yang Style Tai Chi originator Yang Lu Chan, and learned the deepest parts of the art directly from him, although instructed primarily by his Grandfather's senior students.